The origin of MOO & MARLii

Before the MOO & MARLii collection was founded, I had many intensive conversations with dog owners. The small luxury brand should not only be beautiful and unusual, but above all meet the needs of the small dogs. Many important criteria, such as comfort, lightness, easy handling, good care properties, functionality and much more were considered. Also many fit tests with patient little four-legged friends preceded the foundation and were main component of the preparation time.

All fabrics have been tested for their care properties, durability and ingredients. Our fleece, furs and wadding fillings are certified according to Ökotex St. 100. With a lot of creativity and attention to detail, we have now created exquisite, stylish models, which have been made individually and handcrafted with the greatest care.

We are sure that our customers will share our enthusiasm for the collection and wish you a lot of fun while looking at and choosing.

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